Since moving into our new building in 2005 we’ve added two completely rebuilt and redesigned ball-screw-driven Pratt & Whitney PLC controlled gundrills; a 1/2B-30 and a 1/2B-50. These machines are producing outstanding holes for us. In June of 2008 we added another new machine, a Haas TM-3P CNC milling machine used for fluting and octagon work, the milling work on our drop-in barrels and other applications. In March of 2009 we put a new Haas TL1 CNC lathe to work making our .17, .22 and AR drop-in barrels. These join our CNC Harrison lathe and another PLC controlled internal finishing machine in our computer controlled line up of barrel making machinery. Click Here to see images of these machines.

We also have a twist deviation inspection machine developed by the late Mr. Manley Oakley of the Seattle, Washington area. This device checks the twist rate of a rifle barrel and determines if there is any deviation to the actual rate. Manley was the pioneer in this area of accuracy in rifle barrels. His inquisitive mind explored the consequences of twist deviation and he then engineered a machine to check rifle barrels for this condition.

More information and pictures of the Twist machine.

In the spring of 1998 we added a new piece of rifle barrel inspection equipment, a video borescope, to help insure our barrels are the quality that our customers have come to expect. All of our barrels are hand lapped because this is the only process we’ve found that gives us the type of internal finish we demand. Our lapping process has been refined to achieve the optimum in smoothness and diameter uniformity. The result is minimal fouling and maximum accuracy potential. To monitor the development of the internal finish as the barrel is lapped we need to “see” inside the barrel with a borescope.

More information and pictures for the video inspection machine.

We’ve made big investments in our equipment so we’re able to deliver the best barrels to our customers.

Custom Deep Hole Drilling

We do offer a deephole drilling service for persons and companies needing that type of machining work. Over the years we have drilled and reamed holes for other barrel makers and custom action makers.

We have drilled holes for customers in the computer, aerospace, oil, and eyeglass industries. More information and pictures on deep hole drilling.