.50 Caliber

.50 Caliber Precision Barrels



Pricing for our .50 caliber barrels is listed below. These barrels are finished on the inside, turned to one of the contours shown below and finish ground to a 320 grit finish on the outside. Our standard finish length for .50’s is 30″. However we can make .50 caliber barrels up to 44″ in length. These barrels require installation by a gunsmith. This installation work would include threading, chambering, cutting to the desired finish length and muzzle brake installation and any outside finish work such as blueing, teflon coating, bead blasting, etc. We do not do any gunsmithing work or barrel installations on customer receivers. But we can make a gunsmith recommendation when requested.

We make our .50 caliber barrels with a .500″ diameter bore diameter and a .510″ groove diameter. The twist rate options are 13″ and 15″ (for the .50 BMG cartridge) and 26″, 32″ and 48″ (for black powder guns and limited to 30″ finish length).

Lilja Precision Rifle barrels has been named the exclusive supplier to the Navy SEALS for the Mk 13 .30 caliber and Mk 15 .50 caliber barrels. Quoting from the contract: “The Mk13/Mk15 Sniper Rifle barrels shall be used in support of precision weapons requirements for the Department of Defense.  The goal is to provide the most precise, durable, reliable and effective shoulder fired weapon possible.”

Our delivery time on made-to-order barrels is 8-10 weeks. Custom barrels cannot be ordered online.  Please call or email specifics on these.

Prices as of January 2017:

Diameter Price 30″ Price per inch
over 30″
1-3/4″ dia. stainless $475 $13
2″ dia. stainless $505 $16
1-3/4″ dia. chrome-moly $435 $10

For example, a 36″, 1.750″ diameter stainless steel barrel would cost $475 + (6″ x $13) = $553. Maximum finish length is 44″ in the 13″ and 15″ twist.


Fluting is available on barrels up to a 34″ finish length.

Price: $130 for up to 30″ finish length and $160 for 31″ – 34″ finish length.

Note: Prices do not include shipping charges. Montana has no sales tax.


These are our standard contours for the 50 BMG barrels.


For a larger image of the above drawings with weights for each in a .pdf image – 50contour

To see a listing of special .50 caliber contours and tapers – Click Here

Lilja .50 barrels in Action:

September 2014: Patrick Bieck set a new 1000 yard Unlimited class .50 BMG record in FCSA compeition shooting at the Nebraska range in August of 2014. Patrick fired a 5-shot group of 2.045″ using a Lilja barrel gunsmithed by Martin List.

These are the same barrels as used by Canadian Special Forces Snipers during Operation Anaconda in Afganistan at distances out to 2430 meters!