Mark Wetherington

September 2003

Mr. Lilja,

Several months ago I ordered a barrel from your company. The gunsmith, Greg Tannell received it ahead of schedule and was extremely pleased with the quality. The barrel was chambered for 300 Lapua Magnum and throated for a JLK 210 grain VLD. A muzzle brake was installed and the barreled action was shipped to me a week ago. I since bedded the action in a Shehane Tracker stock and began load development. I shoot on a local sugar cane farm where all the fields and roads have been surveyed. While I am still breaking in the barrel I shot this group which mic’ed 2.316″ ctc. at 1000 yards. It is only a 3- shot group but I believe it is a good indication of how this barrel will perform.
I could not be more pleased with the quality and performance of this barrel. I do not shoot in registered benchrest competition and don’t plan to, I built this rifle for my job: where the “targets” usually shoot first. Once again Thank You.

Take care and God Bless,

Mark Wetherington
Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office