UK Import

Importing and Exporting into United Kingdom

For citizens residing in the United Kingdom an import license is not required to bring a rifle barrel into the country. A prerequisite is the United Kingdom Firearms Certificate.

We are required to get an export license from the U.S. State Department. We have a letter on file from the UK Import Licensing Branch, referenced below, stating that there is no import license required. This a requirement of the U.S. State Department and in the past it was necessary for individuals to get a similar letter. This letter fills that requirment and it is not necessary for individuals to obtain the letter. To see this file as a .pdf document – Click Here As of November 2008 we have an updated letter. To see this file as a .pdf document – Click Here.  As of March 2010 we have an additional letter from the UK refining the definition of a finished barrel. To see this .pdf file – Click Here

Additionally we need a written purchase order from the buyer detailing the purchase including a statement that the barrel will be used for ‘sporting purposes’. And a DSP-83 form must be filled out.

Further information may be requested from:

Import Licensing Branch
Department of Trade and Industry
Queensway House
West Precinct
TS23 2NF

Tel: 01642 364340
Fax: 01642 364269