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Warranty Information

We warrant our barrels to be free of defects due to material flaws or workmanship. As stated elsewhere, our stainless steel barrels are guaranteed to be free of internal tool marks, and the exterior of all barrels is a 320 grit ground finish. We do not however make any guarantee as to the accuracy potential of our barrels. Since we do not do any gunsmithing work here, other than the drop-in 22 rimfire barrels, we have no control over the other important factors affecting accuracy. These factors include the quality of the fitting, chambering, and crowning work, action bedding, scope quality, ammunition quality, and most importantly the marksmanship abilities of the shooter.

When asked for expected grouping ability for a particular cartridge and rifle, we qualify the answer by stating that if all of the above mentioned factors are as they should be then the barrels should be capable of a given degree of accuracy.

On the very rare occasions though when we feel that a barrel needs to be replaced we are quite easy to deal with. We want satisfied customers. If you feel that you have a legitimate complaint about accuracy or fouling problems, and have looked at all the other factors that affect accuracy and fouling, please give us a call. We’ll try to help you solve the problem and if necessary we have replaced barrels when that was shown to be the cause. The vast majority of our customers are extremely satisfied with their Lilja barrel and become repeat customers.

One of the keys to our success has been in keeping satisfied customers. We try our best to deliver a quality product on time. If you feel you have a legitimate complaint, contact us. Telephone: (406) 826-3084, Fax: (406) 826-3083, or Email: