Spiral/Diamond Fluting

We are offering spiral fluting now in a number of configurations. We have a macro CNC milling program so the number of flutes, twist rate of the flutes and finish length are easily entered into the program.

The milling cutter is a .250″ ball end mill.  The maximum number of flutes is 9 depending on the contour size.  Five or six flutes would be the most common.  We enter the depth depending on the contour size and caliber.  Flutes are stopped 1.5″ short of the customer’s specified finish length. Price for spiral fluting is $160


(Click on the image for a larger view)

From left to right :

4 flutes/3.5” twist, 23” finish

4 flutes/4″ twist, 28” finish    (Shop note: 3 flute gap)

7 flutes/12” twist, 28” finish

6 flutes/26” twist, 26” finish

9 flutes/9″ twist, 25” finish

5 flutes/12″ twist, 27” finish

From left to right:

4 Flute 4 Twist

5 Flute 7 Twist

6 Flute 6 Twist

8 Flute 23 Twist

7 Flute 18 Twist

8 Flute 15 Twist

We are now offering Diamond fluting as of June 2017. Price for Diamond fluting is $190. The same .250″ ball end mill is used. Depth is determined by the contour size and caliber. The first picture is the standard flutes and twists. For the flutes to start and stop on top of each other, the finish length has to be a whole number. For example, if you where to order a 4 Flute, 4 Twist, with a 26″ finish length, the diamond pattern would match up perfectly. But, if you where to order that same flute and twist, but with a 26 1/2″ finish length, the flutes would look like the third picture.









From left to Right:

3 Flute / 3 Twist

4 Flute / 4 Twist

5 Flute / 5 Twist

6 Flute / 6 Twist


You can order any flute and twist that you would want, but the flutes might not line up. For example, the second barrel from the right, 6 Flute 25 twist. Also see last picture.


From Left to Right

4 Flute / 8 Twist

6 Flute / 8 Twist

6 Flute / 12 Twist

6 Flute / 25 Twist

3 Flute / 12 Twist


This is a 4 x 4 diamond.  There are 4 pairs of diamonds (8 flutes total) and they make a full rotation every four inches.