Special Contours

Special Contours

With our CNC lathe we are able to program and turn almost any contour including duplication of factory contours. We have a a large selection of existing special contours in our lathe computer. To see a listing of these programs in .pdf files click on the following links: Special Straight Tapers l Factory Contours l 15″ Long XP-100 Type l AR-type Barrels l Special Rimfire Contours l Special .50 Tapers

Or to see our standard contours and tapers – Click Here

To place an order for one of these special contours please identify the contour using our designation in the .pdf file. A change in a dimension or length requires a new program and the charge mentioned below.

If we do not have what you are looking for we can write a new program for a one-time charge of $50. We need either a drawing with your dimensions, similar to the drawings on this page, or an existing barrel that we can take measurements from.