Pricing for our centerfire barrels is listed below. These barrels are finished on the inside, turned to one of our standard contours or tapers and finish ground to a 320 grit finish on the outside. Our standard length barrels are furnished 28″ long, 27″ of which is useable barrel. They require installation by a gunsmith. This installation work would include threading, chambering, cutting to the desired finish length and crowning and any outside finish work such as blueing, teflon coating, bead blasting, etc. We do not do any gunsmithing work or barrel installations on customer receivers. But we can make a gunsmith recommendation when requested.

To see a list of our Calibers and Twist rates, click here.

Our delivery time on these made-to-order barrels is about 14 weeks. There are too many variations in calibers, twists, number of grooves, contours, lengths, fluting, and two steel types to accomodate online ordering for custom barrels. Please place orders for custom barrels by phone or email.

 Standard Barrels: 


Prices as of January 2017: 
$355 Stainless benchrest and sporter contour from 1″ or 1.250″ dia. steel
$335 Chrome-moly sporter contour from 1″ or 1.250″ dia. steel
$380 Stainless using 1.500″ dia. steel
$445 Stainless using 1.750″ dia. steel
$400 Chrome-moly using 1.750″ dia. steel
$460 Stainless using 2.060″ dia. steel

Prices for our standard length barrels furnished 28″ long, 27″ of which is useable barrel.

Long Barrels:

Most barrels can be ordered in a finish length up to 30″. In some caliber and twist combinations we can make barrels up to 45″. For a complete listing of these long barrel combinations – Click Here

Diameter Price 28″-30″ Price per inch
over 30″
1-1/4″ dia. stainless $380 $9
1-1/4″ dia. chrome-moly $360 $8
1-1/2″ dia. stainless $405 $10
1-3/4″ dia. stainless $475 $13
1-3/4″ dia. chrome-moly $435 $10
2 ” dia stainless $505 $16

For example, a 36″, 1.450″ diameter stainless steel barrel would cost $405 + (6″ x $10) = $460

Barrel Options

$130 Fluting barrels up to 30″ finish
$160 Spiral Fluting barrels up to 30″ finish
$190 Diamond Fluting barrels up to 30″ finish
$160 Fluting barrels 31″ – 34″ finish
$165 Octagon barrels
$95 Fluting XP-100 type barrels
$50 Pre-thread option
$50 Special Contour Charge

Barrels – 15″ finished length


To see our XP-type contours – Click Here

$200 Stainless XP-100 type
$185 Chrome-moly XP-100 type

Note: Prices do not include shipping charges.

Montana has no sales tax.