Pre Thread and Chamber

Pre-thread/chambered barrels 

We are offering chambering in the cartridges listed at the bottom of this page when combined with threading for one of the action types also listed.

The chamber is cut about .005” deeper than the nominal depth for the action. It is also polished and has a slight chamfer at the chamber mouth.  These barrels require a final dimensional check and possible modification by a gunsmith using a lathe.  Measurements of the action, similar to those shown in this drawing; rem_700  must be taken with special attention to the overall thread shank length and counterbore depth.  Additionally headspace must be checked with Go and No Go gauges by a qualified gunsmith.

Not all actions are the same and modifications to them such as lug lapping, and face-truing will change the critical dimensions.  Various coatings and plating processes will also make dimensional changes that will affect headspace.  And there are custom recoil lugs available that are thicker than standard. Some gunsmiths like to surface grind factory recoil lugs which makes them slightly thinner too.

The thread pitch diameter is the nominal size for the action type. In the case of a Remington 700 this diameter is 1.022″.

We do not offer the gunsmithing services mentioned above but we can make a recommendation for a ‘smith if needed.  We also do not accept actions or complete rifles for barrel installation.  These barrels are not cut to your finish length or crowned.  This will need to be done by a gunsmith using a lathe.  We also do not offer any outside finish work on the barrels like bead blasting or coatings.  On a fluted barrel the orientation of the flutes is random and may need to be indexed by a gunsmith using a lathe.

The barrel blanks suitable for threading and chambering can be any of our standard numbered or tapered contours shown on this page – Click here or any of our special straight taper barrels shown on this page – Click Here but they must have a 1.200″ or 1.250″ diameter shank and be a 28″-30″ long blank.

Variations of the chambers, like special throat lengths or neck diameters are not an option.

The price for threading alone is $50.

Threading and chambering for one of the action types and cartridges mentioned below is $100.

At this time we offer threading and chambering for the following action types:

Remington 700

Defiance Rebel

Ruger M. 77

Sako Model 75 I

Sako Model 75 III


Chamber options are:

.204 Ruger

.223 with Wylde throat

6.5 Grendel

6.5 Creedmoor

.260 Remington

.308 Winchester

.300 Blackout