Mk 13 Mod 7 barrels

Since the book and now the movie American Sniper have come out there has been a lot of interest in the rifles used by Chris Kyle and in particular the Mk13 .300 Win Mag. We have been asked numerous times about the barrels used on these rifles. We have been the sole supplier of these .30 caliber barrels for at least 15 years and have supplied thousands of them to the SEALS through Crane. There have been various mods through the years with the Mod 7 being the current production version. We have worked with engineers at Crane on these changes as protoypes and then production barrels. At times we have production over runs of these and have sold them as Extras. With the increased interest in building clone rifles we are going to try and keep some of these barrels on our Extra list and make them available to anyone.

Chris Kyle says the the Mk13 .300 Win Mag was his rifle of choice for most of his engagements. Here’s a link to some further information about the rifle.

Kevin O’Neill of High Caliber Sales is an experinced builder of Mk13 rifles both for military and civilian customers and should be contacted for anyone wanting a complete rifle