Lilja’s Surplus Stuff

Lilja’s Surplus Stuff:


This is a fine custom .308 Winchester rifle built on a Defiance Deciant tactical action.  The barrel is a Lilja fluted #5 contour with an 11″ twist 3-groove.  The muzzle brake is a Precision Armament M-11, the bottom metal is Badger Ordnance with 5 and 10-round magazines.  The metal work is ceracoated black.  The action has a Timney trigger.  The scope is a Nightforce ATACR F1 5-25×56 in Nightforce rings with an angle degree indicator and level.  An Atlas bipod is attached.  This rifle also includes a Voodoo Tactical dragbag (shown in foreground), a Precision Instruments 1-75 inch pound torque wrench, a Storm tactical Data Book, and a  Mildot master firing soultion sliderule. Fired under 50 rounds.  $7500


The following three rifles belonged to a friend of Dan’s that passed away last winter and we are selling them for his estate.  These rifles must be shipped to an FFL or picked up in our shop and an BATF 4473 form completed.  Prices do not include shipping. Interested parties should call 406-826-3084 or email to:

This rifle is a custom .22 PPC built on a BAT SV action.  It is a single shot with a RH bolt and LH port. The barrel is a Lilja #7 profile chambered for .22 PPC.  The stock is a McMillan and the scope is a Leupold 6.5×20 with custom rings.  $2400

CZ 452 .17 HMR with a Weaver T6 scope.  A nice clean rifle with factory barrel. $650

Sako Vixen .222 with a Leupold 6.5×20 scope.  Nice stock and a very clean looking rifle.  $1500



Russian Big Eye Binoculars 20x110mm


These have been Dan’s personal long-range binoculars for some past hunting excursions.  He’s found he isn’t using them now and is offering them for sale.  The are in excellent condition and come with a dedicated tripod and custom wooden box.


The sunshade folds down.  The binocs are carried upside down in the carry/storage box.


These are heavy-duty glasses with adjustment for eye spacing. Huge 35.5 mm objective diameters,


110mm objective lens diameter for huge light gathering ability and resolution.


These hard-to-find Big Eyes are offered at $3500 plus shipping.


German Flak spotting binoculars.  These are a fine 10×80 spotting glass that are sometimes referred to as “Tankers”.  Dan has owned these since the early 1990’s after purchasing them from the late Kevin Kuhne.  For those not familiar with Kevin he was from Connecticut and an excellent optical repair and restoration technician.  Kevin went through these and made them like new.  Included is the original oak and brass tripod, a Pelican case and a custom attachment for the tripod-to-binocular and also a custom handle for panning use.  These last two items were made by Dan.  These are hard-to-find today and this set is as good as they get.  $2500.

For an online detailed look at a similar binocular take a look here:×80-flakfernrohr-binoculars-r193


If interested in any of these guns or glass contact Dan at: or call 406-826-3084.


All items do not include shipping costs.