Barrel Length

Our standard length, straight-taper barrels and contoured sporter barrels are furnished at a length of 28″ and will finish up to 27″. On request we can furnish barrels that will finish up to 30″ at an extra charge. We also can make barrels that will finish up to 44″ in some calibers and twist combinations. ┬áTo see a complete list of those long barrels: here is a link to that page.

Our barrels are made from one of 6 different diameter steels. The standard straight-taper and sporter contour barrels are manufactured from 1-1/4″ diameter stainless steel or chrome-moly stock. The larger 1.350-1.450″ diameter straight cylinder barrels are from 1-1/2″ diameter material. We can also make contoured barrels from this material, for a larger diameter cylinder section in front of the receiver. Many of the 22 rimfire barrels are made from 1″ diameter stainless steel.

The .50 caliber barrels are usually made from 1.750″ diameter chrome-moly or stainless steel. We have also made some Unlimited class benchrest barrels and long, 1000 yard-type barrels from this big stainless steel. And for even bigger diameters we have 2.062″ diameter stainless steel and 2.25″ diameter chrome-moly steel.