Hunting, Shooting, Fishing and Flying Stories Index

The following is a collection of some hunting, shooting, fishing and flying stories written by Dan as well as a separate section of just photos. He and his family enjoy adventure and the great outdoors and would like to share some of their experiences. Another reason for publishing these stories and the photos of our hunting trips is so that you know you’re dealing with experienced shooters and outdoorsmen when you contact us. Everyone who works here is an avid shooter and hunter.

Here is a listing of the stories he’s written:

Alaskan sheep hunt 1997

1997 Super Shoot

1998 Alaska brown bear hunt

1999 Cactus Classic

Alaskan goat & black bear hunt, 2000

Montana antelope hunt, 2002

Saskatchewan fishing, 2003

Admiralty Island Alaska, 2003

NBRSA Nationals, 2003

Montana antelope hunt, 2003

Saskatchewan fishing, 2004

Admiralty Island Alaska, 2005

Admiralty Island Alaska, 2006

SE Alaska Black Bear, 2007

BC Moose & Caribou, 2007

Montana Bighorn Sheep, 2014

Yukon Dall sheep hunt 2017

Kodiak Island Sitka Blacktail deer hunt 2017



Pictures from other adventures:

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